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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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there have been three separate incidents in the bronx. a woman attacked by a knife wielding man. that attack caught on camera. >> darla miles is in the bronx with the details. >> reporter: liz, david, we have three weekend slashings, suspects and three motives, the one involving a 26-year-old woman played out on the street behind me. >> slashings of course worry all of us. there's not a pattern here as commissioner bratton has made clear. >> reporter: not a pattern, but each isolated incident, very troubling. there were three slashings in the bronx alone over the weekend. this one on holland avenue all caught on video. >> we seen the guy with his hands in his pocket, and the other guy with his knife. that's when we started backing up. i was the first one who left, and walked off first. my other friend followed mind me. we ran in here.
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>> reporter: a 26-year-old woman slashed in her torso and right here saturday evening at five. police are looking for these two suspects in that incident. earlier saturday, two men leaving a party were slashed at 3:00 a.m., 30 minutes later, a 32-year-old man was slashed. both on east 173rd street in the bronx. >> more police are coming, which is the best way to address this problem. and the police we have are targeting any area where we have a problem. that's the bottom line. this is what com stat is all about. when we see an area of concern, we put more focus on it , more police on it. i understand a hundred percent why it worries people. >> reporter: on valentine's day, a 24-year-old man was slashed. and on sunday, a female nypd officer was slashed in the face with a box cutter after an arrest. >> we put additional resources on the subway, we're going to keep doing that.
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last year, mayor de blasio says the slashings are up 20%. as he mentioned in the piece, there are going to be more nypd officers on the streets. 23,000 additional officers and they're saying -- 2000 additional officers and they will be on the streets to deter slashings like this. i'll have much more on eyewitness news at five. in the williams bridge section of the bronx, darla miles catch avenue. one of the two n -- darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. one of the two suspects is in critical condition and facing attempted murder charges. 8 officers converged on the suspect's vehicle early saturday morning after police say he pointed a gun at the officer. munoz is a career criminal with 15 prior arrests in new york city and eleven in chicago. the search for a missing airplane passenger has turned
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hopes of finding gerson negran diminished. three other passenger survived the emergency landing. kristin thorne live in the wood haven section of queens with the story. kristen. >> reporter: dave, wady perez lives in wood haven queens and he is one of the last survivors of this crash who was still in the hospital today. meanwhile, the search continues for one of his fellow passengers, 23-year-old gerson salmon negron is from elm hurst queens. on his facebook page, it says that he is a courier from fedex and graduated from the city university of new york, studying business administers. suffolk police divers continued their search for him around setauket harbor. that's where the small plane went down around 11:00 saturday night. three of the men on board were rescued by responding officers locate salmon-negron. investigators tell us at this
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perez says his brother had to stay an extra day in the hospital because he has a blood clot. >> they found a small blood clot in his head, and they said it's not life threatening, but, you know, he's going to be able to recuperate. >> and did you talk to him? how is he doing? >> he's doing okay. he's a little shocked. and he's going to be able to recuperate. >> reporter: we did speak with salmon negron's family at their apartment in queens, they were too emotional to speak with us on camera. they told us they want him to be found one way or another. live in wood haven queens, i'm kristin thorne. we're going to turn to the weather and after a beautiful weekend and a lovely start to the workweek weather wise, changes are on the way. we could see wet snow and heavy rain. meteorologist lee goldberg is timing all out.
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upper west side with the accuweather forecast. lee. >> it's another episode of weather whiplash. it feels great outside, the sunshine, can even feel sun in the back of my neck. we're in the low 50s right now. within 24 hours, it could be snowing in parts of the area. we look over new york harbor. high thin clouds, our temperature right now is working into the lower 50s, so we're in the low 50s through the afternoon hours, and it looks like our temperatures are going to be dropping slowly tonight. not sure if you can advance in temperatures until the low 50s and rain down over the gulf coast. that rain is going to start approaching as we go through the morning hours tomorrow. you can see the storm coming out of mississippi right now, and that's going to head toward the mid atlantic and watch this time step. we'll take it tomorrow morning where the rain will be on our doorstep, but we should get through the morning commute on the dry side. by the time we go into the midday, that's when rain is going to start to come in. they can move that forward.
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warm enough at the coast for rainfall, maybe snow in northwest new jersey. as the precipitation gets steadier and we go into the afternoon hours, we can advance that. it's from the city on north, parts of western long island and into the afternoon hours. then eventually it will taper to a light rain and drizzle in the early evening. not a lot of show, but enough to make things slippery. a mix is going to move in around midday. it's going to last into the evening. there can be a slushy coating to an inch or two on the colder the north. then there's round two, a heavy round of rain, and stronger, powerful winds that come in wednesday night that lead into thursday morning. we'll talk about rainfall amounts, timing and a snowfall unbelievable. hours. it gets busy after a beautiful sunny day today, liz and david, more on accuweather in a few back to you. >> police in nassau county investigating the death of a
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it happened around noon on merec road in valley stream. you can see a car in the middle of the road. no charges have been filed against the driver. police on staten island are questioning a babysitter after a 6-month old child died. the toddler went into cardiac arrest last night. he was found by his grandmother at the child's home in the park hills section. doctors at the hospital observed possible signs of trauma on the child's body. the cause of the death has not yet been determined and police are now interviewing that babysitter and her boyfriend. well, comedian bill cosby's wife spent hours being deposed today in a defamation lawsuit filed against several of cosby's accusers. the deposition is happening at a motel in massachusetts. it is believed to be the first one for camille cosby since several women came forward accusing her husband of sexual. business manager.
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the deposition but a judge denied the motion. for a second straight week, the focus in the race for president will be in nevada and south carolina, only this time it will be the republicans caucusing in nevada and the democrats voting in south carolina. both donald trump and hillary clinton hoping to increased momentum and lead in the delegate count. bazi kanani is in delaware covering the campaign. >> reporter: candidates after jeb bush bowed out this week. those still standing are hoping for his endorsement and donald trump thinks he'll get a good share of bush's supporters. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, just won. >> reporter: while the runners up work to catch up, after marco rubio just barely edged out ted cruz for second place
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vying to be viewed as the alternative to donald trump. >> instead of coalescing around the front runner the establishment is coalescing against the front runner. >> reporter: rubio lashing out that re-tweeted an article that showed this video showing rubio criticizing the bible. >> every day something comes out that is deceptive and untrue. >> reporter: donald trump refusing to apologize for his re-tweet that suggests rubio is not eligible to be president because both parents were cuban. >> i'm not sure. let people make their own determination. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders on the trail in south carolina with actor danny glover. >> the next president, senator bernie sanders. >> reporter: trying to chip away at hillary clinton's steep advantage with african-american voters. >> start thinking outside of the box. don't accept the status quo.
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the front runners, clinton and trump both heading into their next contests in south carolina and nevada with double digit leads. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 eyewitness news. this afternoon, mayor de blasio a supporter of hillary clinton weighed in on the presidential race and answered questions on donald trump's chances of winning the general election. >> i think no one should point. the republican nominee. we have to assume he has a legitimate shot at the presidency. of course he could win. i don't think he will. i think the democratic nominee will be hillary clinton, and i think hillary clinton will beat him for a number of reasons. >> we'll have more on mayor de blasio's take on coming up on eyewitness news at six. checking wall street right now, stocks kicking the trading week off with big gains. investors were encouraged by a rise in u.s. oil prices.
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on the big board, the dough rose 22 # point -- dow rose 228 point points. an 11-year-old girl becomes the latest victim of gun violence. her family speaking to eyewitness news. and are you trying to eat more natural food for you and your family. don't believe everything you read on food labels, some so called natural products had a whole lot your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. no bail for the uber driver charged in a shooting spree that killed six people and injured two others in michigan.
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he's charged with six counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and some weapons violations. police say dalton went on an hour's long shooting spree in kalamazoo saturday night. so far, investigators have not figured out a motive. a connecticut judge will decide whether or not to dismiss a lawsuit against gun manufacturers holding them to blame for the sandy hook massacre. the suit filed by the family's of the victims. now, the victim's family members say the company that manufacturers the ar15 rifle should be held responsible. but the gun makers argue a manufacturers for facing charges over criminal use of their products. attorneys for the victims' families say an exception should be made in this case. >> this is an instrument of war, designed for the battlefield that is sold and marketed to the general public, and as we know, this is what happened in sandy hook elementary when the general public gets their hands on this kind of fire power.
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first lawsuit of its kind to claim exception to the federal law. the u.s. supreme court is back in session for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. the high court resumed work two days after the funeral. scalia's chair remains draped in black as you can see in the video. next month, the remaining justices will switch seats according to their seniority in the court. justice anthony kennedy is the longest serving member of the court at 28 years. a popular vacation spot is in ruins after one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded slammed into it over the weekend. right now, the death toll in fiji from the powerful storm is 18 but that number could rise. winds from cyclone winston reached close to 180 miles per hour. at this hour, authorities are having truck communicating with some of the country's outer islands. more than 6000 people have been forced into emergency shelters, just so much devastation. >> wow.
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cat 5, sustained 180 and gusts over 200 miles per hour. i can't imagine what happened to that place. >> wow. >> meanwhile, here, what a difference a few days have made. it feels like april out there. >> it was gorgeous over the weekend, and that helps us out as we enter a stormy stretch. figure tuesday midday through thursday morning, the weather's going to have an impact and probably slow you down one way or another. and we have all kinds of weather to talk about, but at least we're coming off a mild weekend and a 50-degree day today so that the wet snow and mixed precipitation we get tomorrow hopefully makes roads wet rather than slippery. manhattan skyline and a pretty monday afternoon, but as i tweeted out early, get your vitamin d now, we're not going to see the sunshine in full supply until later in the week. 52 degrees right now. the air is nice and dry. the wind is calm. it feels superb out here. 52 in randolph. 53 in east rutherford.
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upper 40s in poughkeepsie, light wind and clear skies, there will be a chill in the air. 30s in the suburbs. clouds will start to work in. 7:00 a.m. we're dry, mostly cloudy, and i think by midday, we have some rain and wet snow off to the north and west that gets steadier into the afternoon hours. skies are mainly clear right now, as i showed you at the top of the show, there's a storm in the gulf states, heading to the carolina coast, and sweeping to the south and east. just another cold air available that there's going to be wet snow and sleet involved. that's going to come in tomorrow midday, and go through the evening hours, and things will start to taper off. then there's going to be this lull. not that we can't have rain and drizzle on wednesday morning into the afternoon. for wednesday late in the day to thursday morning, that storm which is yet to develop, starting to take shape over west texas and parts of new mexico, that's going to go to our west and it is going to soak us and give us pretty powerful winds wednesday night. so looking at the future cast,
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that by the way, by 8:00 or 9:00, you'll need the winter coat. it's in the 30s in many suburbs, there's cold air starting to get into the suburbs initially. your morning commute is not going to have a problem. bundle up. upper 20s off to the north there. it is cold enough to cause problems later in the day. we'll look for that precipitation to overspread the area midday into the afternoon hours, and even first thing across parts of morris county, sussex county, we can see wet snow. as the precipitation gets steadier, that rain will go over to wet snow in new york city and long island. you are snowing at temperatures above freezing, so roadways primarily wet but a lot of times the computer models will overestimate what the temperatures are during the snowfall and could be closer to 35, north of the city where we could have slush on area roads. unfortunately the steadiest is through the evening commute and it starts to taper after that. it does look like a slick commute for most of us.
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be a slushy inch or two, especially north and west of new york city into tomorrow evening. turning partly cloudy and mostly cloudy by dawn, the clouds will thicken up in a hurry. snow, sleet and rain during the midday hour and a dicey afternoon. your rain gear and snow boots to the afternoon hours. that's the tomorrow night, it will just taper to rain and drizzle. it stays a light mix north and west, really north of i-84 into to 84. slippery spots on area roads, and here's 5:30. it's the wednesday weather. are we going to get a lull that's drizzle by day. we get a soaking stormy wednesday night. potential snowfall for tomorrow, gets very busy through the middle of the week in the 7-day accuweather forecast. david and liz, back to you now. >> get out and enjoy it today while it lasts. >> yes. >> thanks lee. >> you got it. an unusual proposal to help heroin addicts.
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mayor wants nurses to help them shoot up. and kim and kanye reveal the first photo of their new baby. why she decided to post it now. and forget the york's latest drama project is making a theater out of a hotel room. and we're following some breaking news in new jersey. there has been a very bad accident on the new jersey turnpike extension in jersey city. this is news copter 7 over it right now. at least 3 people have been taken to the hospital and some
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well, a rather radical and controversial plan to help drug addicts is now being proposed by the mayor in up state new york. he wants heroin addicts to be able to shoot up under the care of a nurse. if it passed, the proposal would make ithaca the first city in the country to offer that kind of care. the idea is that if a user overdoses, they can be treated immediately by medical professionals. there will be many legal and political challenges to say the least to this proposed plan. paul simon returning home this summer to the burro he grew up in. the singer is headed back to sing at the forest hills stadium for the first time in 46 years. simon and his former partner art garfunkel performed many times at the stadium, including the last concert before the duo broke up.
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follow the release of his 12th 12th studio album. do you think you have seen it all when it comes to the theater? maybe not. a new play is taking its story off the stage and into a hotel room. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here to explain. >> i have covered plays and musicals on broadway and off broadway, but this new production is way off broadway and gives new meaning to the phrase all the world's a stage.. it could be any rehearsal anywhere in the city, but this director and his actors are working in a midtown hotel room which doubles as the set of a play. >> you know, you get your energy from the audience, and it's going to be really cool to have them so close, like literally could reach out and touch them. >> reporter: the members of the audience sit just a few feet away. >> you can whisper and people can hear you, and that's something very interesting to be able to do in a play.
4:25 pm
insignificance imagines a meeting of icons from the 1950s, among them, jodi maggio, and marilyn monroe. >> it's very intimate. it's allowing us as performers to be sort of more honest. >> reporter: the key is to never break concentration says the veteran stage tactor who play -- actor who plays senator joe mccarthy. >> it's quite unusual. >> and it is, and that's the reason i wanted to get involved. this theater company did this in london, and it just was a wonderful experience. >> one audience was so absorbed in the action that she called out to the actress on stage not to speak to the character who was coming in because he was a baddie, and she was like, don't talk to him, he's a bad guy. she was that absorbed in it, which is great. >> reporter: director james hillier and his cast are hoping what worked at the london branch of this hotel will work here on lower 5th.
4:26 pm
it makes the play a much more real experience for them. >> reporter: now, audience menace who come to the langham place midtown can enjoy cocktails in the room next door at intermission. the production runs about a month. 50 seats available for each performance. all details are on our web site, abc7ny. dave and liz. >> so different. reminds me of tony and tina's wedding kind of thing. you're emerged it, and part of it. >> you're up close and personal. got to love that. >> truly, you can hear each other breathe. >> wow. thank you, sandy. and still to come on eyewitness news first at four, we'll tell you how the mets will be making history this summer at citi field. and a little girl hit by a bullet as she's getting out of a cab. now the search is underway for the gunman. and a tragedy for a beauty queen. loved ones remembering ms. new jersey after she was killed in a car accident.
4:27 pm
at the new jersey turnpike extension accident in jersey city. at least three people have been taken to the hospital, and some of the westbound lanes are closed but you can see the back
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now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> our top story this half hour, an 11-year-old girl recovering at home after being shot. she was getting out of a taxi, in newburgh with her family when she was hit in her hip. >> police are still searching for the gunman. eyewitness news reporter joe torres is in newburgh with the details. joe. >> reporter: liz and decade, this started as -- david, this started as a run to the grocery store. it ended with a stray bullet shooting of an 11-year-old girl. we're told she's going to be okay tonight. police telling us it's too early in their investigation to determine whether or not this was a gang related shooting. however, they did tell us it does not appear that the girl and her mother were the intended targets.
4:31 pm
apartment when the mom and daughter arrived this afternoon. mom made it crystal clear she did not want her daughter's 11- year-old face on camera. she said her daughter is physically fine, but emotionally and mentally traumatized. there were numerous shots fired in the shooting. we found at least 3 bullet holes. one in the front door of the family's home. a minivan revealed where a bullet passed through the windshield, exiting and blowing out the rear window and then we found a bullet hole on the bumper of a sedan across from the girl's home. his mom and sis had just exited a cab when they heard the gunshot. >> cab drivers helping her. when she got out, they started shooting. she got down. she got on the porch again, and my sister got hit in her stomach from the left side. >> reporter: mr. robinson told us his sister now has some stitches. she's going to be okay, that the bullet wound more than
4:32 pm
coming up at 5:30, we talked to one neighbor, heard all the commotion, what he saw as well, and more from mr. robinson. he enlightened us how his sister, her actions on friday, really perhaps saved his mom from suffering serious injuries. that's coming up at 5:30. for now, we're live in newburgh, i'm joe torres channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, joe. we're going to go back to the breaking news new jersey. bad accident on the new jersey turnpike extension in jersey city. you can see it here. at least three people taken to the hospital. we have shannon sohn, news copter 7 over it, and shannon, do you have an update for us. >> reporter: just a terrible accident. we know two adults and one child were taken to the hospital, all in serious condition. you can see that was a car and a van involved in the accident, and it spans both the east and westbound sides. back at the tolls at 14c you have another passenger vehicle in this crash. eastbound side, the delays really aren't too bad. if you are traveling along the westbound side, keep in mind, this is going to be out here
4:33 pm
delays take you back almost to the holland tunnel. report live over jersey city, eyewitness news. >> keep us posted on the thank you. also new at four, mayor de blasio is urging parents to sign up for pre-k and promising there are seats for every child in the city. the mayor toured a pre-k center in brooklyn. 69,000 children are enrolled in pre-k, a threefold increase from two years ago. the application process has been moved up earlier. the first round is now underway and closes on march 4th. >> we're very happy to share the news today that next year pre-k will be available for every child who needs it in new york city, full day pre-k for free. all over the city, more sites than ever. more options than ever for parents. >> the mayor says the average family saves $10,000 a year in child care costs through that
4:34 pm
friends and family gather in brooklyn for a final good- bye to angela rayola. a funeral was held today for big ann. she was from staten island and star of the reality show mob wives died at the age of 55 after a battle with cancer. fans say her ability to bring peace to chaos on the show will be missed. the latest in the battle between privacy and security, apple ceo tim cook sent out an e-mail thanking them. this comes as the company is facing demands from the fbi to help unlock terrorist syed farook's phone which cook has refused to do. in the e-mail, he says it's about more than a single cell phone and adding it doesn't feel right to be on the opposite end of the government in a case about freedoms and liberties. the bill to raises smoking age from 19 to 21 is advanced in the legislature.
4:35 pm
a previous measure. the bill would find retail -- fine retailers up to a thousand dollars if they sell to people under the age of 21. in the three years since the bill was introduced, campaign companies increased donations by more than 50%. happening tomorrow, a major announcement from the mets. baseball. the team will host its first ever lgbt night at citi field on august 13th, against the san diego padres. this is the first time a new york city sports team issued a pride night. it will go to the safe school initiative. the official announcement tomorrow. what does it really mean when the food label says natural on it. we have a consumer alert that you and your family need to know about. it's not something you see every day, the story behind one couple's i do in the skies.
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research facilities, we're not just looking to raise our standard, but the standard of health care.
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a team of health experts is look to go officially connect the zika virus with certain birth defects in babies. a 16 member team from the centers of disease control and prevention is joining health study. they are looking to confirm that mothers have the zika virus. when you're shopping for groceries, many of you find yourselves looking for the label hatch really in hopes of making -- natural in hopes of making healthy choices. 2/3 of shoppers say they look for the word natural. consumer reports says it doesn't necessarily mean what you think. eyewitness news reporter shirlene allicot explains. >> reporter: the buzz word at supermarkets these days is natural. you see it on all kinds of packaged foods. >> i would prefer to buy natural over nonnatural. >> i look for natural because i feel like it's healthier.
4:40 pm
survey of american shoppers find most people who buy processed foods labeled natural, assume no gm o's, and almost half of those surveyed think this has been independently verified. >> the problem is the natural label doesn't guarantee any of this. there are no government standards. >> reporter: in fact, manufacturers are allowed to use artificial ingredients in processed foods and label them natural. >> without oversight or a legal definition, the natural label can be little more than a marketing tool that can fool consumers. >> for example, wesen vegetable oil is labeled pure and 100% natural but it's made from genetically modified soybeans. this del monte is made from industrial chemicals. they did not respond to questions about the ingredients. and this craft natural cheese
4:41 pm
kraft did not respond to questions either. >> we believe for processed foods, the natural label should mean organic and no artificial ingredients so consumers can be assured of what they're buying. >> reporter: shirlene allicot channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that is right. consumer reports wants the food and drug administration to ban the term natural or else define liz. a couple said their wedding vows on a high note, in fact they were 35,000 miles in the air. christie and jim larson tied the not on a flight. her mom is battling stage 4 cancer and had three wishes, to see where her daughter works, check out where she lives, and meet the man she loves. >> my mother is the world to me. anything to make my mom happy. it's been overwhelming and exciting and i'm glad we were
4:42 pm
people, and really touch people and make their flight a fun experience. >> a special experience. look at that. got to love that. a plane full of passengers watched as she made her way down the aisle with accessories she designed herself. >> i don't know what the big plan is but i would shoot everybody to the get away honeymoon, we all get together, and it's a lot of fun. >> very fun. everyone come on our honeymoon. you already got the plane trip, for crying out loud. we're going to get a look at kim kardashian's baby boy. and coffee lovers, we'll tell you the new benefit from the daily java. why taylor swift is giving
4:43 pm
support for a fellow i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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scientists believe coffee can reduce liver damage from alcohol. researchers who reviewed nine studies on the effects of coffee say two cups of coffee a day could reduce your chances of developing an alcohol related cirrhosis by 44%. cirrhosis deteriorates in the liver by blocking blood flow. coffee may be able to reduce the damage, researchers say it will not cure negative effects of excess alcohol use. and speaking of coffee,
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starbucks rewards program. the company announced new terms making it harder for customers freebie ifs. starting in april, customers will need to spend more than $62 to get the 125 stars needed for a free item. that means if you regularly buy plane coffee, it will take you more than 12 visits to get the freebie. grande cappuccino if you want to know. the labrador retriever is ranked the family friendly breed. dog breed. french bulldogs are on the they are cute. they round out the top five along with york shire terriers, poodles, rottweilers and boxers. french bulldogs and bulldogs are the most popular breeds in new york city. >> oh, really.
4:47 pm
>> they're cute. they're really cute and good apartment dogs. >> cavaliers on the rise, i want to mention that. >> that's a family dog. >> it's majestic. >> is it grande cappuccino and splenda. >> cutting back on the splenda. >> good tuck everyone. let's go ahead and switch to weather. sometimes you forget you're doing a newscast. >> feel like coming home. >> so we look outside and a pretty sunset developing with some high thin clouds in advance of the next system. actually, it looks like there's a little sun dog right there. you can see it on the left side of the screen. let me see if i can point that out. that's what happens when the ice crystals, sun and clouds interact, you get the bright spot and looks like a second sun. >> a weather pallet earn has developed. we had that dry, late summer and fall. now we've gotten into a period where we start december 1st and
4:48 pm
rainfall, our water supply and reservoir levels have come back up. we need more snow pack as we head toward the spring. we'll get water and a little snow pack. through the overnight, it's a little comfortable. itst pretty tame into the morning commute tomorrow. it's just cold enough that we have problems midday and afternoon. rain and wet snow will develop around the and get steadier during the afternoon. heavy enough and cold enough that from the city north, it's wet snow sticking to mainly colder surface,sts -- surfaces, unless you're well to the north, and it will go to rain and drizzle during the evening hours hours. our storm system is still down over mississippi and heads toward the coast. there's a second storm that develops and this is a hard hitter for us, wednesday into thursday. the worst is probably later wednesday into thursday with strong winds and heavy down pours. watch this future cast. certainly a chill in the air
4:49 pm
clear sky and light wind outside of the urban areas. clouds are including. we're okay -- increasing. we're okay for the morning commute. then as we go through the late day. we'll have the heaviest through the early part of the evening commute, and things will move away in a slight rain and drizzle. the worst is during the evening commute. look for a coating and 1/2 inch coating on surface. a slushy inch or two a possibility: the 7-day, a messy afternoon and night. a lull on wednesday morning with light rain or drizzle. the heaviest and steadiest at night, and a rumble of thunder with winds above 50 miles per hour. damaging winds on wednesday night. we'll quiet down on thursday, mid-50s, rain comes to an end and colder into the upcoming weekend but not too chilly. did liz get you a tissue, are we good. high maintenance today. >> i may have another sneeze
4:50 pm
be ready, it could be going viral. here's what else trending on monday. taylor swift offering more than moral and emotional support to fellow pop star kesha. her rep confirms taylor swift donated $250,000 to help pay her legal bills in her fight with her record company and producer. kesha is sue to go dissolve her contract with a record producer she says sexually assaulted her. kim kardashian released the public photographs of her 3- month-old son and it started trending online. his name is saint. dressed in all white, thermal onesie, what else would you wear: and on the anniversary of her dad's birthday, she wanted a way to honor him, show him up there watching she was sure. >> he's a cutie. nascar denny hamlin won the daytona 500 by a nose. who knew the 35-year-old predicted it back when he was
4:51 pm
his mother did, that's who and she posted the note he who when he was in elementary school saying my wish is to win the daytona 500. if i won the daytona 500, i would like to come and win it on february 17th, 1998. he was only 18 years off. bad. fashion week is over and all other the fashion trends people are talking about right now, i hope that this one fashion trend that came out it doesn't make it big. you know why, this is it, furry nails. it was debuted in the i love libbertine show. they come in white and tan. what do you think? do you like them? >> well. >> a little ticklish. >> they're just not practical. >> not for us right now. we'll see if that catches on. the texas rangers have a promotion for season ticket holders. free tickets for half the season if you can hit a home
4:52 pm
now up at the plate, super fan, byron anderson. >> go, go. it's hard to see the ball, but it was a home run. >> that's awesome. >> isn't it. >> people on twitter wrote never mind the free tickets, sign him up on the team. >> that's amazing. >> if you're wondering, he played minor league ball in his younger years but never made it to the big leagues until now, and free tickets for his favorite team. >> and plenty of good tickets available in arlington, apparently. >> i like a little of the baseball hating. it's already beginning before spring season has officially begun. check online abc7ny and of course use your trend ideas, send us the hash tag the trend. >> wouldn't you be reliving that moment over and over and over in your head. that's awesome. fantastic. all right. so what would you think if you boss docked your pay if you skipped your workout. a new study found giving
4:53 pm
incentive and then threatening participants exercise more. one physician explained that your brains are wired to avoid immediate gratification of getting the money up front. coming up next on eyewitness news first at four, thousands remember former miss new jersey killed in a crash. we have the emotional post from her boyfriend coming up. and before we go to break, we've got another look at the new jersey turnpike. this is in jersey city. a number of people have been there. this is near interchange 14c. there are big delays in both directions happening right thousand.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. ones that can kill you fast. ones that can kill you slower. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures. there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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friends and family are remembering a former beauty queen today. cara mccollu m died a week after she was in a car crash. >> she made the decision to donate her organs. our sister station wpbi has the story. >> reporter: her chair at the news desk is empty today and grief-stricken colleagues are remembering 24-year-old cara mccollum, former miss new jersey and lead anchor. she died early this morning from injuries sustained february 15th when her car veered off the side of route 55 in pits grove township and smashed in to several trees. she was not wearing a seatbelt at the time. >> you can't make sense of it. you can only focus on the joy
4:57 pm
and she was taken from us way too soon. >> reporter: a princeton university graduate who was raised in arkansas, mccollum was miss new jersey 2014 and competed in the miss american pageant, the year the iconic event returned to the city. karen rogers spoke with her just before the pageant. >> it's a great year to be miss new jersey because i'm the first one that will be back in boardwalk hall. so a little bit of added pressure. but i'm just so pleased to have my home crowd here. >> reporter: the miss new jersey education foundation released a statement today saying cara mccollum was an exceptional young woman and will be remembered as an exceptional soul. >> she was the total package. she was beautiful, smart, extremely hardworking. >> she came across like she was genuine. there's a difference, you know what i mean? she was always nice. >> she's our face of our news
4:58 pm
absolutely the heart of our news team. it's an incredible loss but also an incredible gift the time i got to spend with her. >> reporter: her death was announced on a facebook page called prayers for cara and before she died she made the decision to donate her organs. instead of tonight's regular newscast, cara's colleagues are putting together a tribute to her brief career. >> really hard to see her playing that song. >> lots of love to her family and everyone supporting her. there's still more news ahead. >> eyes news at 5:00 begins right now. a little boy just 16 months old dies after spending two days with a babysitter. right now police are questioning the woman and her boyfriend. but first a broadway actress threatened.
4:59 pm
under arrest. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. that ex-boyfriend is accused of also posting threats on social media directed at actress joaquina kalukango. >> lucy yang is live outside the theater with all the details for us. >> there's a big sigh of relife -- relief for the cast. >> reporter: joaquina kalukango was reportedly being threatened and harassed by an ex-boyfriend. police arrested christopher horton outside the theater. according to officials horton
5:00 pm
on facebook and via textbooks that read, quote, she'll feel it soon and you'll all regret what you did. pay for security. and another message, somebody's going to die. thankfully no blood was shed. the actress is fine. joaquina kalukango posted this tweet before opening day, that purple is love. >> it just kind of goes to show too it could really happen to anyone. and i'm glad nothing happened to her and that she stayed safe. >> again, the actress is safe. her 31-year-old ex-boyfriend is being charged with aggravated harassment and criminal possession of a weapon. the theater is dark tonight as it always is on mondays but the curtain will rise again tomorrow night. we're live in times square, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got breaking news


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